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  • Fake-News-Generating AI Deemed Too Dangerous for Public Release

    Your friendly neighborhood fake news writer could be out of a job if systems like GPT2 become commonplace. For the time being, the researchers who developed this AI consider it too dangerous to release. The post Fake-News-Generating AI Deemed Too Dangerous for Public Release appeared first on ExtremeTech.

  • Another Blow for Fake News About Fake News: Reason Roundup

    More research on how social media were used to spread disinformation in 2016 finds that the scope and reach of so-called "fake news" were greatly exaggerated. Looking at a large sample of Twitter users, a team of researchers from Harvard, Northeastern University, and SUNY–Buffalo have found that "fake news accounted for nearly 6% of all news consumption, but it was heavily concentrated." Just 1 percent of Twitter users saw 80 percent of the misleading or false content, and only 0.1 percent of...
  • NewsGuard Labels Breitbart *Merchandise* as Fake News

    NewsGuard, the browser plugin that recently partnered with Microsoft and purports to indicate if news sources are trustworthy or not, is telling Internet users today that the new #NeverSocialist USA shirt on the Breitbart News shop is "fake news."

  • Washington Post Is Being Sued For 250 Million For Fake News

    Here we go. You remember the story of the Covington Catholic High School kids at the Lincoln Memorial at the March for Life at the end of the day being approached by Sitting B.S., Nathan Phillips. Those nasty kids were picking on the Black Israelites and the native Americans with sneers, chants, and yelling MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Except none of it was true and | Read More