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  • Some good news about Good Samaritans

    A study of CCTV footage from around the world suggests there are more Good Samaritans out there than we think.
  • New poll has bad news for Democrats' impeachment hopes after Mueller testimony

    If Democrats thought forcing ex-special counsel Robert Mueller to publicly testify about his investigation last week would create a groundswell of support for impeachment, then a new poll released Sunday shows they made a severe miscalculation. According to the ABC News/Ipsos poll, the opinion of most Americans regarding impeachment remains unchanged after Mueller's testimony before the House Oversight and House Judiciary Committees. Overall, 27 percent of respondents who read, saw, or heard...

  • Biden was not that bad. . . and not that good

    For better or worse, the new Joe closely resembles the old Joe.

  • Good for Google, Bad for America

    At its core, artificial intelligence is a military technology. Why is the company sharing it with a rival?