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  • Huawei employees reportedly helped African governments spy

    Well, the US now has yet another reported case of espionage-related misdeeds it can point to as additional proof of why the Huawei ban should remain in place. The Chinese consumer electronics giant is under scrutiny again, this time over a Wall Street Journal report that found some of its employees helped governments in Africa

    New York Post
  • Next to Protest Against Hong Kong’s Government: Its Employees

    A demonstration by civil servants planned for Friday is likely to be calmer than many recent protests, but it could send a powerful message.
  • Utah Is Letting Lots of Government Employees Work From Home

    Utah's state government is telling some of its workers to stay home. After a successful pilot program that allowed 136 state employees to shift to teleworking, Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox has announced a new initiative that will allow more than 2,500 government employees to share office desks as they work from home a few days each week. The state hopes this reduction in commutes will increase productivity and reduce emissions. It's a good idea, and it could be model for other states to...