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  • Macy's origin story gets a lot more complicated on Charmed

    “You’re Dead To Me” deals with the fallout of Macy learning that she was resurrected, and pretty quickly we’re treated to a flashback that establishes the logistics of that. Marisol and Macy’s father summoned a necromancer from Tartarus to bring their dead baby back, but as with most spells of this nature, it came with a catch. After two years, Marisol could never set eyes on Macy again, contextualizing why she did eventually abandon her with no explanation, the emotional nexus that Macy’s arc...

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  • The Spin: Ida B. Wells event gets political

    The downtown Chicago event to mark the renaming of a street for civil rights leader, journalist and suffragist Ida B. Wells-Barnett got a little political when Chaz Ebert signaled that Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle is her choice in the mayor’s race. Voters like Ebert who’ve made
  • Samsung Galaxy M20 arrives to Europe, Ukraine gets it first

    Just last week we learned of Samsung's plans to bring the Galaxy M20 to Europe and it's already happening. Samsung's Ukrainian branch has already announced the arrival of the new midranger with humongous 5,000 mAh battery although and the phone is already available to order. The Ukrainian online retailer, which got local exclusivity of the phone, asks UAH 6,199 ($229/€200) for it. Delivery date is yet to be confirmed though units should arrive any moment now. You can follow the source link...