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  • The top company to build your business’ Android App

    If you want your business’ Android App development done right, there is only one company to contact – Codehesion.

  • Roblox hits 100 million active monthly users

    Roblox is absolutely massive – even bigger than Minecraft. Roblox, a platform where users can create and share their own games, has hit over 100 million unique monthly users, according to Eurogamer. As they point out, that makes the game officially bigger than Minecraft, which has about 90 million monthly players (although it’s worth noting

  • Android users duped into downloading adware apps 8 million times

    Android users need to exercise some caution when downloading apps on the Google Play store. Cyber security firm Trend Micro recently found 85 different apps for Android phones that are actually adware apps in disguise. These sneaky camera and game apps were downloaded more than 8 million times in total. The apps, which have been removed from the Google Play store after Trend Micro shared its findings with Google, would push out screen-covering, unskippable ads over the phone's home screen, which...