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  • Chuck Todd Fights, Fights, and Fights Kellyanne Conway

    There's something about interviewing Kellyanne Conway that makes the "objective" anchors a little crazy.

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  • Killers gave feds more weapons to fight hate crimes

    John William King sought to terrorize blacks in east Texas by murdering James Byrd Jr., but his vicious crime instead (eventually) provided federal law enforcement with additional tools to punish perpetrators of hate crimes. King was convicted in 1999 in the dragging death of Byrd, as were two of his cohorts, Lawrence Russell Brewer and Shawn Berry. Brewer was executed in 2011, and Berry, who cooperated with police, is serving a life sentence. King has long maintained his innocence, saying...

  • ‘My Only Crime Is to Be a Journalist.’ Maria Ressa Speaks Out About the Fight for Integrity

    Maria Ressa has a message for the members of the U.S. media who feel under attack: stand your ground. “I think we’re living through a very unique moment where again it proves that information is power,” the journalist told TIME at the TIME 100 gala in New York Tuesday. Ressa, who was included in TIME’s

  • Brazilian tech companies must encourage gender diversity

    Female technologists feel their employers don't value diversity in the workplace and are not doing enough to support women in the sector, a study says.

  • In Seminole County, 3D tech creates a virtual crime scene

    A tool being used by the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office can help solve crimes by using 3D technology to virtually place investigators, lawyers and jurors in the middle of a crime scene. The Sheriff’s Office has been using the Focus 3D laser scanner — made by the Lake Mary-based Faro Technologies,
  • N26 opens tech hub in Vienna with a focus on security – TechCrunch

    Fintech startup N26 is opening its fourth office in Vienna. Eventually, the company plans to hire 300 software engineers, product managers and IT specialists. N26 is building a mobile bank and has managed to attract 2.5 million users over the past few years. It raised a $300 million round back in January. This is interesting [

  • Meet the Americans fighting crime at ‘ground zero’ of the border crisis

    LA FERIA, TEXAS — Joe Adalpe III wants the border wall. The 32-year-old captain of the Cameron County Constable, Precinct 5, has been fighting crime in this small city of 5,000 nestled among onion and corn fields on the banks of the Rio Grande — “ground zero” in the migrant border crisis — for more

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