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  • Redistricting by commission: A futile effort to take political considerations out of politics

    In its recent Rucho v. Common Cause decision, the Supreme Court held that political gerrymandering claims do not belong in federal court. It reasoned that there was no generally applicable, clear, and politically neutral tests available for identifying when too much consideration had been given to politics in redistricting.

    Washington Examiner
  • Democrats survive fried food and politics at THE political event of the summer

    Bernie Sanders enjoyed a hot dog, Michael Bennet rode a ride with his daughters, and Kamala Harris flipped pork chops - as Democrats survived politics and fried food at political event of summer.

    Mail Online
  • Week In Politics

    American politics are echoing in the streets of Jerusalem and Hong Kong while fears of a recession are taking hold here at home.
  • Week In Politics

    Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader, said this week that when the Senate returns from recess in September, gun laws will be "front and center."
  • Sunday Politics

    We look at the president's response to recent mass shootings.
  • Week In Politics

    NPR's Scott Simon asks Molly Ball, national political correspondent for Time magazine, about the week's political developments.
  • Race And Politics This Week

    President Trump continued attacks on Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., this week as Democratic presidential primary candidates stressed their commitments to minority communities.