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  • Poll: Majority of Americans think mainstream press publish fake news for partisan gain

    A poll released by the Wason Center for Public Policy at Christopher Newport University revealed a majority of Americans believe the press publish fake news for political reasons. Ironically, or perhaps demonstratively, most press either ignored the poll, or cast it as a Republican problem. The poll's authors write of the pertinent question that it shows Trump's "war on the press" is working. They clarify that they used very carefully chosen words, which is an important point.Here we ask...

  • Facebook Is Changing News Feed (Again) to Stop Fake News

    The social media giant debuted new features and tools to help in its Sisyphean fight against misinformation and abuse on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.
  • Twitter isn't news

    Earlier this year, news outlets and journalists alike immediately pounced on a viral video from Twitter that showed several Covington Catholic High School students on the National Mall. According to the initial narrative, they were harassing an older Native American demonstrator.

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