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  • Rugby news: Wales have No 1 world ranking in their sights ahead of World Cup warm-up

    No more flying under the radar, Wales are flashing brightly ahead of the World Cup - so much so they could call themselves the best team in the sport on Monday.

    Mail Online
  • Ronda Rousey Needed 9-1-1 For Injury On Set Of ‘9-1-1’

    Ronda Rousey was injured on the set of Fox’s first-responder drama series 9-1-1 last week, Deadline has confirmed, nearly severing a finger while shooting a scene. Word is the Olympic judo medalist, former UFC champion and current WWE star didn’t break character, finishing the shot before going to a local hospital, where she learned she [

  • Scream queens: inside the world of fangirls

    The dedication of some female superfans goes way beyond music. Hannah Ewens explores her passion for Courtney Love It was a rare, expansive summer in the city – one when your friends were always available, you felt charming, and everyone was attractive. Daisy and I sat outside Itsu and drained cans of JD and coke. We kept bursting into hysterics. Courtney Love was DJing around the corner, but we weren’t invited. And yet, we knew we’d get in. This lucky energy was something we’d recognised about...

    the Guardian
  • The War the World Fears: A China-Japan Battle for Asia

    James Holmes Security, Who would win?  In the end, then, the outcome may come down to who wants it more. Will China or the transpacific alliance muster more, and more sustained, enthusiasm for its cause? Thucydides reminds posterity that fear and honor -- not just objective interests -- propel human affairs. Scottish philosopher David Hume seconds the thought, adding that "Interest and ambition, honour and shame, friendship and enmity, gratitude and revenge, are the prime movers in all public...

    The National Interest