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  • Why are women obsessed with true crime? Rachel Monroe has some answers

    Monroe, the author of Savage Appetites, reckons with women, crime and obsession: ‘I like my true crime a bit problematic’ Why are so many women obsessed with true crime – and what does it say about our society? In Savage Appetites: Four True Stories of Women, Crime and Obsession (Scribner, 20 August), journalist Rachel Monroe weaves crime reporting, cultural criticism and personal essay into a study of true crime and its seductive power. Continue reading

    the Guardian
  • Top 10 true crime books

    The Guardian’s former crime correspondent recommends the best writing by and about criminals and cops, villains and victims In recent years “true crime”, in the form of television documentaries and podcasts, has become very fashionable. But there has always been a small niche for true crime books, sometimes tucked – rather guiltily – below the much larger crime fiction sections in bookshops and libraries. I have about 400 such volumes – the memoirs of criminals, detectives, crime reporters and...

    the Guardian
  • 'Mindhunter' Season 2: True crime with a social conscience

    Times writers discuss the return of the Netflix drama "Mindhunter."

    Los Angeles Times
  • 6 True Crime Stories That Are Too Stupid Even For Hollywood

    Hollywood would never approve these
  • UCP To Develop True Crime Series About Texting Suicide Case

    EXCLUSIVE: In a competitive situation, UCP has optioned the rights to Jesse Barron’s 2017 Esquire true crime article The Girl From Plainville for TV series development. The Girl From Plainville is considered the definitive account of the events that led Michelle Carter, a young woman from a small town in Massachusetts, to stand trial for [

  • Play Next: What a true-crime podcast meant for a real-world investigation

    the Newport Police Department's Jennifer Manzella created and hosted the podcast, “Countdown to Capture,” to draw attention to fugitive Peter Chadwick.

    Los Angeles Times
  • My friend, the fake German heiress: a true crime special – books podcast

    For years, Anna Sorokin passed herself off as “Anna Delvey”, an extravagant socialite who bankrolled her lavish lifestyle with tens of thousands of dollars swindled from banks, hotels and friends who believed she was a wealthy German heiress. One of those friends was Rachel DeLoache Williams, whose new book My Friend Anna details how she and law enforcement realised the extent of Sorokin’s lies. She tells Sian what it was like seeing her sentenced to prison earlier this year. Then Alison Flood...

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