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  • The jewel heist that wasn't there: An EW true crime story

    Act 1 — The Story Three masked gunmen walk into a luxury hotel and start blasting machine guns. It’s August 1994, and outside the historic Carlton Cannes, it’s a quiet afternoon on the French Riviera. Sidewalks bustle with the usual deep-pocketed shoppers and snapshot-seeking tourists as sunbathers frolic on the hotel’s golden Mediterranean beach across the street. Inside the hotel, guests and workers plunge to the ground for cover as fire and noise rip the air overhead. In the hotel’s jewelry...
  • Our true crime fetish has nothing to do with the search for justice

    The entire genre has been built primarily on the abuse and murder of women. It’s time to move on In A Very Fatal Murder, the New York journalist David Pascall investigated the killing of Hayley Price, a 17-year-old prom queen from small-town Nebraska with “big dreams and clear skin”. The unsolved case was the fruit of a lengthy search by Pascall and his production team for the ideal killing. They wanted, he said, “a murder that [was] engrossing and mysterious, a murder that perfectly reflects...

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  • Superstitious minds: The 'rituals' that obsess NHL stars

    Whatever you do, don't call it superstitious.

  • Superstitious minds: The 'rituals' that obsess NHL stars

    Whatever you do, don't call it superstitious. "It's not really superstitious. It's a thing you do every time. There are guys literally that think they won't play good if they don't do the same thing (every time)," Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Seth Jones tells CNN Sport, speaking ahead of the NHL Playoffs' start. Let's face it, even if you might find it hard to admit, we all probably have a few habits that get us out of the house and through each day. A Montreal Canadiens video crew...

  • ‘The Act’ Is a Great Drama and a Terrible Take on True Crime

    The perfromances are amazing, but this true crime case deserves more weight than it’s getting.

  • The 15 most popular Netflix true crime and documentary series

    Since Netflix released "Making a Murderer" in 2015, it hasn't slowed down with true crime and other documentary series. TV Time provided a list of the most popular original docuseries on Netflix. Netflix started a true-crime boom in 2015 with "Making a Murderer," and it hasn't slowed down since. In the years following that hit series, which told the tale of convicted murderer Steven Avery, Netflix has released other popular true-crime docuseries like "Evil Genius," "The Staircase," and "The Ted...

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  • 26 True Crime Documentaries Every Highsnobiety Reader Should See at Least Once

    The rise in popularity of true crime documentaries may seem like a contemporary phenomenon — thanks to the binge-able series model on Netflix which allow filmmakers to take a deeper dive compared to a traditional two-hour film — but of course, industry creatives have been exploring criminality, bizarre behavior, and mysterious circumstances for decades. Perhaps only now, however, do [