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  • These are the industries most likely to be taken over by robots

    Lots of jobs involve tasks that could be taken over by robots. Bridgewater Associates, the most successful hedge fund in the world, recently highlighted a 2016 study by McKinsey & Company that analyzed what industries are most susceptible to automation. Jobs with lots of manual labor in a predictable environment could see higher automation in the years to come, while jobs involving managing human employees are likely safe for now. McKinsey pointed out that even though parts of a job could be...

    Business Insider
  • This week in Savage Love: The liked boys

    My best friend’s father is an avid user of social media. He’s retired and spends most of his day posting memes on Facebook and Instagram. Recently, I realized he might not know how Instagram works. I noticed over the past week or so that he has been following, liking, and commenting on a lot of Instagram pictures of young gay men. I don’t think he realizes that anyone who follows him can see that activity. At first I was worried, not because he might be gay or bisexual, but because he may still...

  • Summer-like start to week in Finland

    It will feel like early summer in many places in Finland on Tuesday, with temperatures flirting with 20C, say Yle’s meteorologists.

    Yle Uutiset