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  • 'The fee model has not changed': Why agencies' biggest problem is their business model

    Agencies' fee-based compensation structure with clients hasn't changed in decades and is part of the problem when it comes to agencies' financial issues like thinner profit margins, extended payment windows and project work. The post ‘The fee model has not changed’: Why agencies’ biggest problem is their business model appeared first on Digiday.

  • I toured a Jackson Hole dude ranch where people pay more than $2,100 to try living like a cowboy for a week. Here's what it looks like.

    Gros Ventre River Ranch is a dude ranch in the Jackson Hole valley in Wyoming. Dude ranches, where guests can sleep in cabins or lodges, ride horses, and get a taste of modern cowboy life, are an important part of Jackson Hole culture. At Gros Ventre, a six-night all-inclusive stay starts at $2,170 per person, and guests can go fly fishing, horseback riding, hiking, rafting, and learn how to wrangle cattle. On a recent trip to Jackson Hole, I spent an afternoon at Gros Ventre River Ranch. After...

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  • A Tesla Model S or Model X is way less likely to get stolen than a Chevy Silverado or Mercedes-Benz S-Class (TSLA)

    Tesla's Model S sedan and Model X SUV are less likely to get stolen than nearly all other vehicles, according to the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI). In its most recent report, the organization said the low theft rates for the Model S and Model X may have resulted in part from the fact that electric vehicles tend to be parked in or near a garage so they can be charged. Electric vehicles in general are less likely to be stolen than gas-powered vehicles, the HLDI said. Visit Business Insider's...

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