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  • Pokemon Go Raid Bosses: current raids, counters and more, including Palkia and Deoxys

    Once you’re becoming a more experienced trainer, Pokemon Go will want you to start tackling raids. Be prepared – here’s a list of all the current raid bosses. Once you boost your Pokemon Go trainer level to level 5, you’ll unlock a new feature for the game: raid battles. These battles take place at Pokemon

  • LaCie announces USB-C 2big RAID & 8-terabyte Rugged RAID Shuttle

    Storage maker LaCie is launching two new pro-oriented RAID products, the Rugged RAID Shuttle and the 2big RAID, both featuring USB-C connectivity.

  • Seagate reveals LaCie 2big RAID & Rugged RAID Shuttle, high-end storage with Thunderbolt 3

    With back-to-back storage announcements from the likes of Sony and Western Digital lately, Seagate is now showing off two new products, the LaCie Rugged RAID Shuttle and LaCie 2big RAID. Whether you’re a fan or not, most will agree that the look and feel of both new products are consistent with what LaCie has been shipping for many years. LaCie Rugged RAID Shuttle sticks with the brand’s iconic orange shell and the LaCie 2big RAID looks like a black version of its 2big Dock. Both options embrace...