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  • Another Blow for Fake News About Fake News: Reason Roundup

    More research on how social media were used to spread disinformation in 2016 finds that the scope and reach of so-called "fake news" were greatly exaggerated. Looking at a large sample of Twitter users, a team of researchers from Harvard, Northeastern University, and SUNY–Buffalo have found that "fake news accounted for nearly 6% of all news consumption, but it was heavily concentrated." Just 1 percent of Twitter users saw 80 percent of the misleading or false content, and only 0.1 percent of...
  • NewsGuard Labels Breitbart *Merchandise* as Fake News

    NewsGuard, the browser plugin that recently partnered with Microsoft and purports to indicate if news sources are trustworthy or not, is telling Internet users today that the new #NeverSocialist USA shirt on the Breitbart News shop is "fake news."

  • Trump Discusses ‘Fake News,’ and Its Repercussions, With Times’s Publisher

    A.G. Sulzberger asked the president to curb his anti-press rhetoric. Mr. Trump replied with a request for “a great story, just one” from The Times.
  • NewsGuard's 'real news' seal of approval helps spark change in fake news era

    More than 500 news websites have made changes to their standards or disclosures after getting feedback from NewsGuard, a startup that created a credibility ratings system for news on the internet, the company told Reuters this week.