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  • Trump to meet with NK: The good and bad news

    The president confirmed last week that a second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will be held in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi at the end of February. The panel discusses.
  • Bad News: The U.S. Army Is Out-Gunned In Europe (Compared to Russia)

    David Axe Security, Europe In 2016 RAND war-gamed a Russian invasion of the Baltics. In RAND's scenario, the Russian forces quickly overrun lightly-armed NATO forces. The Western alliance quickly deploys helicopters and air-mobile troops to confront the Russian advance. But NATO tanks are too slow to arrive. A four-person vehicle crew with the U.S. Army's 2nd Cavalry Regiment in Europe won a personal victory in early February 2019 when they beat out other crews to claim their squadron's "top...

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  • Student caught with a gun at CMS school, despite district’s random searches

    A South Meck high school student was caught with a gun Tuesday, as Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools continues wand and bag searches, launched in reaction to a fatal school shooting in October.