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  • The Best Comic Book Covers of January 2019

    We capped off every single month in 2018 with a gallery of our favorite comic-book cover art—a stunning illustration cherry on top of the sequential sundae—and we have no intention of stopping that streak in 2019.
  • Food is the catalyst for comic book romance in Bloom and Meal

    Food and romance are tightly linked. Dates often happen at restaurants, cooking a lavish meal for your partner is an act of affection, and major relationship milestones are celebrated with food. There’s intimacy in both cooking and eating, in sharing the experience of making and consuming dishes that nourish the body and stimulate the senses. Two new graphic novels, First Second’s Bloom and Iron Circus’ Meal, explore this intimacy through two very different areas of cuisine: pastry baking and...

  • BAZ BAMIGBOYE: Charlize and KiKi get their comic-book kicks

    BAZ BAMIGBOYE: The Oscar-winner will star in the film adaptation of The Old Guard, a five-issue comic book series by writer Greg Rucka and illustrator Leandro Fernandez.

    Mail Online
  • By the Book: Maria Popova: By the Book

    The author of “Figuring” (and the brain behind the Brain Pickings website) likes how children’s books speak “a language of absolute sincerity, so deliciously countercultural in our age of cynicism.”
  • By the Book: Marlon James: By the Book

    The author, most recently, of “Black Leopard, Red Wolf” admires fantasy fiction that feels “wonderfully strange and alarmingly familiar at the same time. That and a woman or man who can wield two swords.”
  • In Delray, thriller author Ian Rankin recalls his start in comic books

    For thriller writer Ian Rankin, his native Scotland is not only a prominent character in all of his novels, but also a main source of inspiration. Rankin was recently at Murder on the Beach Bookstore in Delray Beach to hold a talk and book signing for his new novel, “In A House Of Lies.”Delray bookstore changes with the times: "Now we [

    The Palm Beach Post
  • New Book: John Roberts Let Politics Sway His Obamacare Ruling

    Maybe 'Obamacare' should be renamed 'Robertscare' for the justice who went out of his way to save the individual mandate.

    The Federalist