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  • Mueller report is No. 1 politics book on Amazon

    The 450-page report takes four out of the top 10 spots on the Political Conservatism & Liberalism bestseller list.

  • Books, books, books ... but never the right spot to really enjoy them to the max

    I needed to curl up with a good nook. And not just any nook. I was after a comfortable place to read at home, with gentle light, proper padding and a place to rest my tired wheels. Maybe some coffee nearby, and Brahms, played at a whisper. Basically, what I wanted was a reading womb. I had tried
  • UFO story revitalized after beer, comic book comes out

    The story comes from a cop, Herbert Schirmer, who said back in 1967 that aliens stopped in his town and brought him on board their ship. "I came across this story of this alien encounter in Ashland, Nebraska started doing my research on it, ton of stuff came up. One of the things that were really unique about it was this guy from LA made a comic book about it in 2011,” says Cody Schmick, co-owner of Kinkaider Brewery. That guy from LA is Michael Jasorka, a self-published comic book author, who...

  • Book: Joe Crowley Had All Kinds of Political Dirt on AOC, but Didn't Use It

    Would it have made a difference? The post Book: Joe Crowley Had All Kinds of Political Dirt on AOC, but Didn’t Use It appeared first on RedState.