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  • Watch as Rep. Ted Lieu lets right-wing pundit Candace Owens eat her own words

    The Republican Party, as the minority party in Congress, is allowed to choose its own witnesses for hearings. Today, the House Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing to discuss the foreign and domestic threat that is the white supremacist movement. Committee Republicans invited that weak-minded huckster Candace Owens, who found a conservative money-making niche in promoting the concept of “Blexit,” or black people exiting the Democratic Party to join

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  • WATCH: Right-wing Christians stage bizarre passion play by dressing up as Pete Buttigieg and whipping Jesus

    A group of anti-LGBT protesters followed Pete Buttigieg to another town in Iowa for a bizarre demonstration. One man demonstrated his hatred for homosexuality by dressing up as Buttigieg and whipping another man dressed as Jesus on the cross, while a third man dressed as Satan harangued confused onlookers in front of a garage in Marshalltown. “Beat the savior, beat him — I hate this guy,”said the man dressed as Satan. “Yes, more blood, Peter.

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  • Maria Butina provided Russia ‘immense’ value after infiltrating the top levels of America’s right-wing politics: Prosecutors

    Prosecutors are looking at an 18-month prison sentence for Maria Butina. Butina, who was a Russian gun rights activist was convicted for attempts to infiltrate the National Rifle Association and influence policy. “While Butina was not a traditional spy or trained intelligence officer, her actions bore ‘all the hallmarks’ of an intelligence operation to target powerful individuals in a future presidential administration for recruitment later, prosecutors wrote,” a report from The Washington Post...

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