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  • How the United States Reinvented Empire

    In February 2003, Al Jazeera broadcast an interview with Donald Rumsfeld, then George W. Bush’s secretary of defense. “Would it worry you,” the interviewer asked him, “if you go by force into Iraq that this might create the impression that the United States is becoming an imperial, colonial power?” Rumsfeld swatted away the question. “I’m sure that some people would say that,” he responded, “but it can’t be true because we’re not a colonial power. We’ve never been a colonial power.

    The New Republic
  • Is socialism on the rise in the United States?

    Democrats are increasingly comfortable with an active government role in society. Support for socialism, though, is basically unchanged.
  • Visualizing Corruption Around The World

    Growing levels of public sector corruption can stifle a country’s economic growth while also chipping away at political freedom. Visual Capitalist's Jeff Desjardins asks,  which parts of the world are perceived to be most corrupt – and further, how does this data differ between regions, and how has it trended over time? THE CORRUPTION PERCEPTION INDEX (CPI) Today’s chart pulls its numbers from the recent 2018 Corruption Perceptions Index report, which has been published by Transparency...

    Zero Hedge