Fox News Proves Climate Science Denial Is a Lucrative Business

GQ -

GQ—Fox News' coverage of climate change dismisses scientific consensus as semantic mumbo-jumbo—a narrative their skepticism helps create.

On Fox News, climate denier Joe Bastardi calls Green New Deal "the weaponization of weather, the weaponization of climate". SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Joe, the '70s was the new ice age is coming. Then global warming, with the earth has a temperature and it's going to explode in a number of years that passed already. Now we just say climate change. But it's really predicated on what? A battle against capitalism, the premise that man on Earth is pillaging the planet for profit?  JOE BASTARDI: Well, first of all, H. L. Mencken, who was a Democrat, said it correctly. The urge to save humanity is almost always a false face...