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  • Democrats survive fried food and politics at THE political event of the summer

    Bernie Sanders enjoyed a hot dog, Michael Bennet rode a ride with his daughters, and Kamala Harris flipped pork chops - as Democrats survived politics and fried food at political event of summer.

    Mail Online
  • Democrats: Exploiting Massacres for Political Gain

    Their blaming Trump for last weekend's shootings is a political attack unprecedented in its savagery.

    The American Conservative
  • Debate takeaways: Democratic divisions intensify

    DETROIT (AP) " From the beginning, Joe Biden knew he would take heat at Wednesday's presidential debate. He was right " but he was not alone.The evening marked some of the toughest attacks California Sen. Kamala Harris has faced as a candidate. The exchanges were part of a broader ideological fight for the future of the Democratic Party.Takeaways from the debate:BIDEN (OBAMA) 2020Most candidates claimed to be Democrats of the future. Biden found himself defending [

    The Palm Beach Post
  • Ugly divisions on display as Democrats turn on each other

    DETROIT — A bitter brawl erupted during the second night of Democratic presidential debates on Wednesday as nearly half of the party’s candidates unleashed attacks on one another’s political records and policy proposals.