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  • Trump, the make-a-deal president, undermines own deal with USMCA tweet

    On Friday morning, President Trump took to his favorite soapbox, Twitter, and announced his latest plans for the southern border. In a series of tweets that started off with praise for Mexico’s cooperation with the U.S. to apprehend illegal immigrants, the president’s line swerved toward the absurd as he threatened new tariffs on cars, closing the border, and ended with a call for economic penalties for drugs smuggled across the border. TweetTweetThe crowning jewel of the whole statement,...

    Washington Examiner
  • Mueller report: No evidence Trump knew about Trump Tower meeting in advance

    Once it became clear the meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer would become public knowledge, senior aides scrambled to respond.

    NBC News
  • Trump misleading public on Trump Tower meeting is not obstruction: Mueller report

    President Trump directed his communications team three separate times to mislead the public over the reasons for the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting with a Russian attorney who promised dirt on Hillary Clinton. But those falsehoods don’t amount to an obstruction of justice, special counsel Robert Mueller concluded in his report to the Justice Department.

    The Washington Times