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  • Donald Trump can sail toward a win in 2020

    The Mueller report made President Trump an unencumbered incumbent for the first time. While that may not seem like much, in presidential re-election politics it has been decisive. Democrats know that, too. It is why they have worked so hard to keep Mr. Trump encumbered with Russian collusion charges, and why they will try to encumber him again going forward.

    The Washington Times
  • Unhinged Jimmy Kimmel: Donald Trump's Sons Should Be Put in Cages

    Like most other late-night hosts on TV, the star of Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC has been relentless in his hostile “jokes” about President Trump. However, the weeknight comedian may have finally begun running out of comments against the GOP official since on Tuesday night, he went even further than usual by attacking two of his sons. Regarding the crisis at the border, Kimmel sneered, “If Trump really wants to put kids in cages, he should start with Eric and Donald Jr.”

  • Man who posted white powder to Donald Trump's sons sentenced to probation

    Prosecutors say letter sent to Donald Trump told him that 'you are an awful, awful person, I am surprised that your father lets you speak on TV'

    The Independent
  • The political press has a powerful bias toward normalcy -- and it advantages Donald Trump

    Remarkable as it was to see ostensibly cynical reporters swallow the regime’s “total exoneration” line, that’s just one example of how the press’s normalcy bias influences their coverage.

    Raw Story