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  • Julian Assange and WikiLeaks Deserve Our Thanks for Making Governments More Transparent

    A lot of people are dunking on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange now that he's been arrested by British law enforcement and will likely face extradition hearings to the United States on charges that he conspired with Chelsea Manning to "commit computer intrusion" on a U.S. government machine. Assuming the British authorities do go forward with extradition, it will almost certainly be years before the matter is settled (and there's a strong argument that Assange might walk in British courts). In...
  • Twitter vows to make itself less spammy with new policy change

    Twitter knows it has a spam problem.  The social media platform famous for Russian bots and harassment announced on April 8 that it has finally had it up to *here* with spammers and is going to take a small step to partially rectify the situation. That's right, as of now you can only follow 400 accounts per day.   SEE ALSO: Twitter suspends spammy follow/unfollow social media companies "Follow, unfollow, follow, unfollow," Tweeted the Twitter Safety account. "Who does that? Spammers. So we’re...

  • Bolton: 'I don't think we need to make any apologies' on Cuba foreign policy

    Amb. John Bolton, National Security Adviser, joins MTP Daily and says, "American foreign policy should be based on the pursuit of American national interest."