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  • Trump's Trade Policy Makes No Sense

    When it comes to trade policy, President Donald Trump and his adviser Peter Navarro provide endless examples of incoherent economic thinking. They regularly claim that X is true, and then in the next breath, they assert that not-X is also correct. Let's consider two recent examples. The first involves Navarro. Following an announcement that the administration was again ready to hit Chinese imports with a new round of tariffs, Navarro made the rounds on TV to argue that consumers should not worry...
  • The Fed Continues To Make Policy Mistakes

    Authored by Lance Roberts via, “During the last year, the Federal Reserve has hinted that the period of ‘ultra-accommodative monetary policy’ was coming to an end. The Fed started that process last October by terminating the latest ‘Quantitative Easing’ program, which induced massive amounts of liquidity into the financial markets. Subsequently, the Fed has turned its focus towards the near ZERO level of the ‘Fed Funds’ rate.” – July 6, 2015 It seems like an eternity...

    Zero Hedge
  • The Federal Government and Americans Do Not Agree on Immigration Policy

    Mariano Sana Immigration, United States Where does the disagreement lie? Since its start, the Trump administration has implemented policies to step up immigration enforcement and reduce the number of immigrants admitted into the U.S. Many of these efforts – like the border wall, the travel ban, family separations, DACA termination and detention centers – have received wide media attention. In addition, the White House slashed refugee admissions, ended a number of special programs and changed...

    The National Interest
  • Spain PM to make 2nd try at winning support for government

    Spain's caretaker prime minister says he wants to restart talks with rival political parties to try to form a government after failing on his first attempt

    ABC News