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  • Forget North Korea: South Korea Is Truly a Military Powerhouse

    Kyle Mizokami Security, Kim should watch out.  As a country that has faced for decades the prospect of invasion, the army maintains large numbers of second line reservists. Seven reserve infantry divisions augment active army units, while twelve “local” defense/homeland defense divisions scattered across the country protect rear-area security against North Korean special forces, agents and infiltrators. In the last seventy years, the Republic of Korea Army (ROK Army) has evolved from a...

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  • Where Relations Stand Between The U.S., South Korea And North Korea

    NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with the Wilson Center's Jean Lee about where denuclearization negotiations stand between the U.S., South Korea and North Korea.
  • That Time North Korea Sent Commandos to Assassinate South Korea's President

    Sebastien Roblin Security, Yes, this is a true story.  Kim Shin-jo’s example shows that some people can overcome fanatical indoctrination when treated humanely and offered a different perspective on the world. Recently the South Korean defense minister caused a stir when he announced the military was forming a “decapitation unit” of airborne special operators to target Kim Jong-un in the event of a conflict. While Seoul has long been exploring such a contingency, its prominent public airing...

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