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  • More than half of all Americans think Donald Trump fuels white supremacy

    57% of Americans surveyed in a new INSIDER poll said they thought President Donald Trump is a white supremacist or emboldens white supremacy.  A surprisingly high percentage of non-liberals, including 51% of slightly conservative respondents and 27% of moderately conservative Americans agreed either that Trump espouses or fuels white supremacy. In recent weeks, an increasing number of prominent leaders and Democratic politicians — including at least seven 2020 Democratic presidential candidates...

    Business Insider
  • Venezuela: Trump Freezes All of Maduro Regime's U.S. Assets

    President Donald Trump has ordered a freeze on all of the Venezuelan regime's U.S.-based assets, effective immediately.

  • In slap at Maduro, US freezes Venezuela’s government assets

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration has frozen all Venezuelan government assets in a dramatic escalation of tensions with Nicolás Maduro. The ban places Maduro’s socialist administration