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  • Italy’s Government Has Collapsed. What Happens Next?

    Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte resigned this week, bringing an end to the country’s 66th government since 1945. Why It Matters: Italy is the Eurozone’s third-largest economy, and the two-trillion-dollar economy is fragile. No country in Europe is more indebted than Italy aside from Greece, but unlike Greece, the Italian economy is far too big

  • In Fight With His Coalition Government, Italy's Prime Minister Resigns

    Italy's prime minister has announced his resignation — blaming his right-wing coalition partner for withdrawing his support.
  • Italy’s prime minister resigns as government nears collapse

    Italy’s prime minister said he would resign on Tuesday and launched a blistering attack on his own interior minister, accusing him of sinking the ruling coalition and endangering the economy for personal gain. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, addressing Parliament after it was recalled from summer recess to decide the future of the 14-month-old government, accused

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  • Italy president seen meeting party chiefs Wednesday on government crisis

    Italian President Sergio Mattarella will probably begin formal consultations with party delegations on Wednesday to try to find a way out of the government crisis, an Italian official told Reuters.