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  • Don't worry, a recession is still unlikely

    The media tells us the yield curve is inverted and this means a recession is both certain and imminent. Every media outlet that's not for President Trump has been bouncing with glee to point it out to us. There is a point to the story too: An inverted yield curve, where it costs more to borrow for short terms than longer, where long-term interest rates are lower than short-term, is usually a sign of an impending recession.

    Washington Examiner
  • What Are Negative Interest Rates and Why is Everybody So Worried About Them?

    “Negative rates are like a fever,” says Nancy Davis, Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer at Quadratic Capital Management. “By themselves they don’t necessary mean anything. But they’re a symptom."

  • London’s Murder Rate Tops NYC?

    London’s murder rate tops NYC? The smoke hadn’t fully cleared from the three mass shootings (Yes, I said “Three.” Chicago also had (yet another) mass shooting during the same weekend as the other two being pounded on in the press) when Democrats went into their usual SOP

  • Trump Approval Rating: Still Weak, Despite Economy

    Just 36% of Americans approve of the way Trump is handling his job as president; 62% disapprove.