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  • Amid stalled North Korea nuclear talks, Trump welcomes South Korea president after Hanoi summit collapse

    This meeting since the Hanoi summit is critical for the future with North Korea.

    ABC News
  • Trump, North Korea, and the Rush for Peace

    Victor D. Cha Security, Asia The question naturally arises as to why the South Korean government is pursuing this declaration with such vigor, when it is a half-measure that won’t fundamentally alter the military balance, and it will not be accompanied by a final dismantlement of North Korea’s nuclear weapons threat. THE TWO Koreas and the United States appear to be headed, albeit slowly, towards a peace and denuclearization agreement. South Korean president Moon Jae-in has declared his...

    The National Interest
  • Trump's Remarkable Diplomatic Efforts in North Korea

    Doug Bandow Security, Asia Denuclearization remains a worthy and potentially obtainable objective, but other diplomatic efforts that have fruitful should not be overlooked. Negotiations between the United States and North Korea appear to be on life support. President Donald Trump’s talk of another summit led the North’s Kim Jong-un to condition such a meeting on Washington’s willingness to loosen sanctions. Yet official Washington earlier greeted President Donald Trump’s explanation for...

    The National Interest