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  • Democrats can’t just unwind Trump’s foreign policy

    Through executive orders, regulatory changes, political maneuvers and sometimes mere neglect, the president has overseen major, possibly permanent, shifts in U.S. foreign policy.

  • Trump wants to buy Greenland amid multiple foreign policy crises

    As Trump deals with the fallout from pressuring a U.S. ally to ban two members of Congress, ongoing protests in Hong Kong, and new missile tests in North Korea, the president reportedly wants to purchase Greenland. Nayyera Haq and Maria Echeveste join the Last Word to discuss the state of global politics in the Trump era.
  • Why Trump’s 'maximum pressure' foreign policy yields minimum results

    The president is heading into 2020 with no major successes and looming crises – so many expect him to attempt to reverse the trend with dramatic deals Donald Trump is heading into the 2020 elections with no clear-cut foreign policy successes, some dramatic failures and a string of looming crises around the world that could undermine his bid for re-election. For that reason, many expect the president to try to reverse the trend with dramatic interventions around the globe with uncertain outcomes...

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