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  • Some Apple laptops banned from airline flights for fire risk

    Federal safety officials have banned some Apple laptops from airline flights after Apple recalled the batteries because they could catch fire. The Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement Wednesday that it alerted airlines last month about the recall involving batteries for some Apple MacBook Pro laptops. Under FAA policy, some potentially dangerous items including lithium batteries can't be carried on board or placed in checked baggage if they are under a safety recall. The item...

  • Air Asia passengers banned from flight and left stranded at the airport over severe nut allergy

    Jade Cosgrove, 21, and her boyfriend Dave King, 23, (left) were removed from the Philippines to Bali flight after Jade refused to sign a waiver absolving Air Asia from responsibility if she had a reaction.

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  • The UK illegally copied sensitive personal data from EU databases, but the EU doesn’t seem to care

    On July 24, high-level EU officials finally confirmed the UK made illegal copies of classified personal information from an EU database. Despite this, it doesn’t seem the EU Commission will take any action, which — to concerned members of European Parliament — highlights its and EU member states’ hypocritical and dangerous approach to people’s privacy.  When Julian King, the European commissioner for security, acknowledged the existence of the secret report detailing the UK’s illegal and sloppy...

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  • 'Scary last 20 minutes of our flight': Passengers braced themselves inside a smoke-filled cabin as their Hawaiian Airlines flight prepared to land

    A flight from Oakland, California, to Honolulu, Hawaii, filled with smoke about 20 minutes before landing on Thursday. After it landed, passengers evacuated onto the runway using the plane's emergency slides. Seven passengers were taken to the hospital for "smoke-related issues." A failed seal on the plane's left engine, causing oil to leak onto hot surfaces near the air conditioning system, which then caused smoke to enter the cabin. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more...

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