Point of View: We can apply the diplomacy in 1958 Venezuela to today

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The Palm Beach Post—“Anything can happen, because everything is in crisis.” So wrote my father, retired Foreign Service officer Robert C. Amerson, about Venezuela in "How Democracy Triumphed Over Dictatorship," an insider’s accounting of the events surrounding the overthrow of military-dictator Marco Perez Jimenez in January 1958. The description still fits.The 61st anniversary of Perez Jimenez’ ouster was marked by Venezuelan protestors clashing with police in deadly [

Point of View: Today's economy will require Florida's tech schools teaching a wider range of skills. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” It’s a question many adults enjoy asking young people. I likely first heard it around age 8, and my answer then probably involved a uniform – fireman, policeman, pilot. Over time, my answer evolved into being a doctor and eventually a lawyer.Instead, I’m writing this from an office in Immokalee, in the heart of Florida’s tomato growing region, where I work in agriculture. Who knew?The truth is [