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  • Political fake news: They might be a liar but they're my liar

    An international collaboration has investigated how people perceive politicians when they spread misinformation. The research found supporters of the politicians reduced their belief in misinformation once corrected, yet their feelings towards the political figure remained unchanged if misinformation was presented alongside an equal number of facts.
  • Iran: Now Building Its Own Deadly Submarines (Or Just Fake News)?

    Mark Episkopos Security, You decide Tehran has yet to specify how many vessels the Fateh class will consist of. There appears to be at least one other Fateh submarine in production, but details are exceedingly scant. In yet another milestone on Tehran’s path to becoming a self-sustaining regional power, Iranian state news announced the Iranian Navy has commissioned its first homemade submarine. The new Fateh-class vessel was unveiled by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani late last week, at a...

    The National Interest
  • Ha! WashPost Lawyers Claim 'Politics Has Nothing To Do' With Its Covington Fake News

    The Washington Post -- through its hot-shot lawyers at Williams & Connolly -- has filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit by Nicholas Sandmann over the paper's overwrought and thoroughly biased coverage of the so-called "mob" of Covington Catholic high school students. However the judge rules on the merits, the Post's argument is humorous on its face in its overbroad self-defense: "Politics has nothing to do with this case."

  • Facebook Is Changing News Feed (Again) to Stop Fake News

    The social media giant debuted new features and tools to help in its Sisyphean fight against misinformation and abuse on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.