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  • South Korea’s president calls for ‘peace economy’ with North Korea amid Japan trade war

    President Moon Jae-in made the comments in a meeting with senior aides to discuss Japan’s imposition of trade curbs on South Korea. They came as a surprise since North Korea has raised tensions in recent weeks with tests of new short-range weapons that pose a threat to South Korea’s security.

    Global News
  • A U.S.-North Korea War: How Kim Would Retailiate To an Attack by Trump

    Stratfor Worldview Security, World War III?  As with conventional artillery, North Korea will also be forced to show restraint in the use of these systems. Survivability may be less of a challenge because of the predominance of mobile launcher systems, but unlike conventional artillery munitions, ballistic stockpiles are limited — as is the ability to replenish them, which would draw on significant resources. Every missile spent by North Korea in an immediate retaliation scenario will...

    The National Interest
  • Trump's Nightmare: North Korea Could Sink a U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier

    James Holmes Security, What would happen next?  American overseers will certainly exploit the rudimentary state of North Korean reconnaissance technology. Oceans and seas are big places, the biggest carrier group tiny by contrast. It is no simple task to detect, target and engage maritime forces riding the high seas. China’s People’s Liberation Army found this out to its chagrin during the 1995–96 Taiwan Strait crisis, when President Bill Clinton dispatched two carrier groups to the island’s...

    The National Interest
  • Battle of Taejon: How the U.S. Military Stopped North Korea from Winning the Korean War

    Daniel Davis History, Asia A lost battle that ended being anything but. Barely two weeks after their June 25, 1950 surprise attack against South Korea and their American allies, the North Korean Army, under its commander Kim Il-Sung, had achieved stunning success. They had blown past all the South Korean frontier defenses, captured the capital of Seoul, and most alarming, had routed the American Army in a series of battles from Osan to the Kum River. If the city of Taejon were to fall as...

    The National Interest