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  • Under Donald Trump the Fed faces politicization

    The US Federal Reserve has regularly faced criticism from Donald Trump, but in recent days the president took matters into his own hands — raising concerns that the Fed is being politicized. Not only did he again urge the Fed to lower interest rates, but he tapped two unconventional loyalists to fill two empty seats on the Fed board. Stephen Moore, 59, is a controversial economist and former Trump campaign adviser. And Herman Cain, 73,

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  • Survey: Wall Street Hates Trump's Fed Picks

    Wall Street does not think Stephen Moore and Herman Cain should be confirmed but expects that they will anyway. | Economy

  • Donald Trump Skipping White House Correspondents' Dinner Again

    President Donald Trump confirmed that he would again skip the White House Correspondents' Dinner in favor of a political rally.

  • How Donald Trump’s bluff on House subpoenas may backfire

    President Trump vows to fight “all the subpoenas” coming from Congress, putting Washington on edge over how far the administration will take their resistance of Congressional oversight. Ari Melber examines past examples of Trump’s “tough talk” and breaks down why despite his words, Trump may not want “all the smoke”.