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  • Pentagon Obsession: China, China, China

    Authored by Pepe Escobar via The Strategic Culture Foundation, Chinese nuclear bombers. Chinese hypersonic missiles. Chinese carrier killer missiles. Chinese cyberattacks. Chinese anti-satellite weaponry. Chinese militarization of the South China Sea. Chinese Huawei spying. So many Chinese “malign intentions”. And we’re not even talking about Russia. Few people around the world are aware that the Pentagon for the moment is led by a mere “acting” Defense Secretary, Patrick Shanahan. That...

    Zero Hedge
  • How much of Europe does China own?

    The EU wants to screen foreign investment as concerns grow about China's role.

    BBC News
  • Europe is losing patience with China over trade. Here's why

    An annual summit between the European Union and China threatens to expose deep cracks in the foundation of one of the world's most important trading relationships.

  • FTC eyes personal punishment for Mark Zuckerberg over privacy

    The Federal Trade Commission is mulling ways to hold Mark Zuckerberg personally responsible for Facebook’s privacy lapses, including fines that would ding the CEO’s own wallet, according to a new report. The watchdog, which started probing Facebook last year over data breaches tied to the 2016 presidential election, is looking at the 34-year-old billionaire’s past

    New York Post