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  • ‘Gutless’ Nikki Haley gets buried in scorn after finally rebuking Trump — in the weakest way possible

    Former South Carolina Governor and U.N Ambassador Nikki Haley came in for a large heaping of ridicule after finally finding a reason to criticize Donald Trump after he rudely mocked Rep. Elijah Cummings (MD) on Twitter after it was reported that the Democratic lawmaker’s house had been burglarized. The Republican Haley — who has attempted to [
  • Wemo WiFi Smart Light Switch 3-Way review: One of the best ways to render a three-way circuit smart

    Wemo has handily solved a common complaint lodged against smart light switches: Many don’t support three-way circuits, and the ones that do typically require the presence of a companion switch at the other location(s) controlling the circuit, thus increasing the cost and the complexity of any installation. The Wemo WiFi Smart Light Switch 3-Way doesn’t, and it can also be used as a single-pole switch. This new switch looks identical to Wemo’s older single-pole switch, so it will blend right in...

  • L.A. Affairs: I hated him ... no way that would change ... no way

    The reverend at my church introduced us, but I took an instant dislike to him. He was like a know-it-all. He reminded me of the annoying boy who sat behind you in first grade and pulled your pigtails.

    Los Angeles Times
  • Jia Tolentino: ‘I like to write about instincts that are in some way good and in some way dangerous'

    Hailed as the Joan Didion of our times – informed, funny and fearless – the New Yorker’s Jia Tolentino is making sense of the world one essay at a time Until recently, one of New Yorker staff writer Jia Tolentino’s best-kept secrets was that she spent the summer of her 16th year filming a reality show called Girls v Boys: Puerto Rico. A cheerleader then, she got permission from her school, which was situated in the middle of a Texan megachurch so large they called it the Repentagon, by telling...

    the Guardian