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  • MSNBC’s Chuck Todd rattles off a terrifying litany of Trump’s foreign policy failures

    MSNBC’s Chuck Todd detailed a stupefying list of the worrying world events Wednesday on “Meet the Press,” noting that President Donald Trump is doing little to defend human rights or democratic values amidst the turmoil. “There are clashes in Hong Kong between pro-democracy protesters and riot police. There are decades-old tensions re-emerging between Japan and [
  • Why Trump’s 'maximum pressure' foreign policy yields minimum results

    The president is heading into 2020 with no major successes and looming crises – so many expect him to attempt to reverse the trend with dramatic deals Donald Trump is heading into the 2020 elections with no clear-cut foreign policy successes, some dramatic failures and a string of looming crises around the world that could undermine his bid for re-election. For that reason, many expect the president to try to reverse the trend with dramatic interventions around the globe with uncertain outcomes...

    the Guardian
  • Donald Trump arrives in Dayton in wake of Sunday’s mass shooting

    President Trump and first lady Melania Trump on Wednesday met with victims and their families, hospital staff and first responders at a Dayton, Ohio, hospital after Sunday’s mass shooting that killed nine people. The road leading to Miami Valley Hospital was lined by protesters behind metal barricades holding signs saying “Hate not welcome here” and

    New York Post
  • Trump’s foreign policy only creates crises for fictions establishment loves

    On the first night of this week’s Democratic debate, one of the hopelessly interchangeable moderates accused the Trump administration of “lurching from one international crisis to another.” Since that’s the liberal consensus, neither the various fact-checking sites nor the blue-check Twitterati pushed back. Yet it’s far from true. President Trump hasn’t, in fact, pursued disorder

    New York Post