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  • In Defense of Fredo

    The Internet has erupted like Mount Vesuvius (oh!) over the viral video of a guy calling Chris Cuomo “Fredo.” Needless to say, the CNN host did not take this lightly. The post In Defense of Fredo appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

    Washington Free Beacon
  • In Defense of Sparta

    The city of Sparta isn’t much to look at these days. A couple small ruins, some olive trees, and down below, the cold waters of the Eurotas River. Nothing half as flashy as the Parthenon. Like their prized republic, admirers of ancient Sparta don’t have nearly the same reputation they used to. It used to be the case that minds as distinguished as Rousseau’s or Montesquieu’s looked to Sparta for inspiration, but lately interest in this peculiar, long-lived ancient Greek city is confined to the...

    The New Republic
  • Here’s why we could be under-spending on defense

    Our reputed military superiority might be exaggerated or a statistical fiction.