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  • 5 Weird Supernatural Plots In Famous Sitcoms

    All of these shows were perfectly normal family sitcoms. Except for one thing
  • Kim Kardashian to Star In True Crime Documentary!

    Kim Kardashian is about to show us a side of her that we have never seen.  And honestly, never in a million years thought we would.  But the time has finally come -- we must all prepare ourselves to meet the new and improved lawyer Kim in her not so red-carpet environment. That's right. We will actually get to press pause on all the Kardashian clan's drama and finally get to watch sista Kim do something a little more, well, productive.  The reality queen is breaking out of her E!...
  • A true crime documentary brings out the best of The Simpsons

    “Sometimes a persona it can—it just becomes a trap, you know?” Read more

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