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  • Senate bill filed to protect Pinoy fishermen

    Sen. Francis Tolentino is pushing for the passage of the “Good Samaritan at Sea Law,” which aims to implement provisions in international maritime instruments concerning the safety of life at sea and the duty to render assistance to persons in distress at sea. by Cecille Suerte Felipe
  • Stripping data of personal details is NOT enough to protect privacy

    Researchers from Imperial College London and the University of Louvain, Belgium, showed machine-learning could be used to restore personal information stripped from data.

    Mail Online
  • Trump and his fans and defenders are wallowing in the language of hate crimes

    Many observers, with good cause, have decried Donald Trump’s vicious attacks on Rep. Ilhan Omar and her fellow progressive congresswomen of color and the frightening chants—“Send her home!”—his fanatical followers in North Carolina started up all on their own, responding to Trump’s vituperation about Omar, as nakedly racist, not to mention dangerous. Many have remarked on the fascism dripping from every word, and suggested that what we saw Wednesday in Greenville was a new Nuremberg, Trump’s...