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  • Trump said trade wars are easy to win. So why is the U.S. trade deficit at a record high?

    Donald Trump has made trade one of his signature issues, launching trade wars around the globe. How’s that going? Well, this Wall Street Journal headline provides an answer: "U.S. Posts Record Annual Trade Deficit." Or take this Washington Post headline: "Trump promised to shrink the trade deficit. Instead, it exploded." If you want details, here are a few: Last year’s merchandise trade deficit was $891.2 billion. That would be the record—as in all-time record—trade deficit of the Wall Street...
  • Trump’s Phony Trade War with China

    Reeling from his failure to cut a deal with Kim Jong Un, will the president end his pointless dispute with Beijing?

    POLITICO Magazine
  • Trump’s trade war stalemate is all pain and no gain

    President Trump’s trade war with China is locked in the equivalent of trench warfare. Every deadline the U.S. set for an agreement has passed without one. Both sides are unwilling to compromise on key provisions, and although “updates” are frequent, there seems to have been little, if any, real progress.

    Washington Examiner