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  • Killing Eve: "I Hope You Like Missionary!"

    Villanelle ought to know a bully when she sees one, at this point.
  • Motorcyclist killed on rural NW Indiana road

    Michael Kotas, 46, was driving his motorcycle west on CR 350 South when he disregarded a stop sign and crashed into a Jeep Cherokee, authorities said.

    Chicago Sun-Times
  • Why the EU is witnessing the birth of real European politics

    Despite 60 years of union there are no real cross-border parties. But times are changing There is a problem with European elections: they are not very European. When EU citizens go to the polls this month, they will vote under national electoral laws, for candidates representing national parties, campaigning on domestic issues. The “Europarties” the newly elected MEPs will join are not parties at all but loose, often fractious coalitions, so a vote for Germany’s Christian Democratic Union party...

    the Guardian
  • Will political correctness kill classic movies?

    The effort to wipe clean questionable content is happening all around us.