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  • No one’s jailed at Rikers for ‘the crime of being too poor’

    Last September, as part of a national push for criminal-justice reform, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, a charitable organization, announced a plan to pay the bail of every woman and minor held in New York City’s jails. According to the group, run by Kerry Kennedy, the slain senator’s daughter, “access to justice depends on whether

    New York Post
  • Schools are too scared to crack down on knife crime in case it puts off parents

    Schools are too afraid of parents thinking they have 'a problem' to search pupils for knives or educate on the dangers of blades, according to Ofsted chief inspector Amanda Spielman.

    Mail Online
  • Gay Parents and Non-Parents

    Last December TV personality Andy Cohen announced that he was expecting a child through surrogacy: “Family means everything to me, and having one of my own is something I’ve wanted [
  • Dear Abby: Crime shows influence parents’ paranoia about the real world

    Dear Abby: I dwell in a small, Southern and, I thought, safe hometown. I'm currently unemployed and therefore unable to afford a place of my own. I live with my parents. I have job-searched for months now for something within walking distance. I pay for food with food stamps. But I can't yet pay for transportation, insurance, necessities, etc. My problem is, I love to walk four to six times a week for 30 minutes to an hour. It helps me with depression and boosts my self-esteem, health and...