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  • Hungary’s Viktor Orban has bashed Europe for years. Will Europe’s most important political party finally kick him out?

    The center-right bloc will consider ejecting him on Wednesday.
  • How to Fight Suicide

    Keeping folks alive is a collective task.
  • When and what to report about suicides

    A student died by suicide this week at Lake Mary High School. Our heart goes out to her family, friends and the community. I suspect most of us would not have to go far in our circle to feel the impact of suicide. That’s why, before I discuss how we cover suicides, I want to say this: Help is available:
  • Where Cash Is King In Europe

    How much cash do you have with you at the moment? As Statista's Martin Armstrong explains, the answer to this question will probably depend, not only on your bank balance, but also on the country in which you live. As figures from the Access to Cash Review show, there are significant cultural differences in the use of cash in Europe. You will find more infographics at Statista In Greece and Spain, the vast majority of in-person purchases are made with cash - 88 and 87 percent...

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  • How Europe is forcing Google to change

    Europe has gone after Google with tough new regulations, court battles and massive antitrust fines, forcing the company to change how it does business in the lucrative market.

  • Uber Freight is expanding into Europe

    Uber Freight, the newly spun out Uber business unit that helps truck drivers connect with shipping companies, is kicking off its global expansion plans. The company said Wednesday it is launching the app in Europe, starting with the Netherlands. Local carriers and drivers will be able to book and move their first loads with Uber [

  • The Trump Phenomenon As Seen From Europe

    Authored by Philip Giraldi via The Strategic Culture Foundation, President Donald Trump is frequently seen through the prism of an American media that despises him and wants to discredit him so that he can either be impeached soon or defeated in 2020. To a certain extent the foreign media has picked up on that depiction of Trump, emphasizing his boorish qualities and narcissism while neglecting what he has or has not accomplished while in office. To be sure there have been major missteps which...

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