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  • Huawei believes Europe will keep faith in company: executive

    China's Huawei believes Europe will not follow the United States in blacklisting the company because it has been a partner of European telecoms firms for many years, a top Huawei executive told an Italian newspaper.

  • Europe's top trustbuster thinks it'll be impossible to break up Facebook

    Margrethe Vestager (previously) is the EU Commissioner responsible for handing out billions in fines to Big Tech to punish them for monopolistic practices. Vestager and I both appeared on the bill at Republica in Berlin this month, and at the time, I pressed her from the audience on whether she thought that the ultimate answer to monopolistic abuses was to break up monopolies. She was incredibly skeptical that such a thing was desirable (describing state intervention in the deployment of...

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  • Soccer: Messi finishes Europe's top scorer for third straight year

    Lionel Messi has become the first player to win Europe's Golden Shoe award for three straight years after his nearest challenger Kylian Mbappe failed to score the four goals he needed in Paris St Germain's final league match of the season on Friday.