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  • The Guardian view on Pius XII: a pope not a saint

    Some have accused him of being Hitler’s pope. The decision to open the archives will show if he was guilty of something more than indifference Compared with other popes, Pius XII was not an egregiously wicked man. He neither enriched nor enlarged his family. He burnt no heretics and started no wars. But he was – unremarkably so by the standards of his time and class – antisemitic. He was also a contemporary of Adolf Hitler’s, and one who occupied a position of considerable moral authority. The...

    the Guardian
  • The Guardian view on ending austerity: it needs to happen

    Whatever the form Brexit eventually takes, there will need to be more public spending to repair the fraying fabric of the British state When a headteacher pops up on the nation’s flagship radio news programme to say that cuts have left her scrubbing school toilets and serving lunch to pupils, ministers ought to be in listening mode. That is especially the case since the complaint is echoed by 7,000 headteachers in England who say they are facing a funding crisis. One would imagine a forum being...

    the Guardian
  • The Guardian view on literature: we need the Nobel prize

    The Swedish Academy, with its credibility shattered by a scandal, could not award a prize last year. This year, it will award two. It would have been better to let the gap in the record stand After cancelling last year’s Nobel prize in literature because of a high-profile scandal in its ranks, the Swedish Academy is making up for lost ground by awarding two this year. A double award is not unprecedented – it has happened before, in 1917, 1966 and 1974 – but on the earlier occasions the money was...

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