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  • Can Trump Lead Through A Crisis?

    President Trump has renews his attacks on the U.S. intelligence community as conflicts erupt around the world. Will Trump be able to lead through a crisis?
  • The Guardian view on Minecraft: all human life is here

    How will games play out when they are superimposed on the real world? Once upon a time, when all the world was analogue, games could only be played together by people in the same place and at the same time. But that was before the internet. One of the most profound and least anticipated ways in which the internet has changed society is that it has allowed more people to play more games together than ever before in history. For the most popular there can be nearly a million simultaneous players...

    the Guardian
  • The Trump Administration Is Manufacturing an Iran Crisis

    Washington has deployed the USS Abraham Lincoln to the Persian Gulf seemingly unprovoked, raising the specter of military engagement.

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