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  • Orchids of Asia neighbor says their business plummeted since bust

    Business owner Dave Trietiak was preparing for clients to arrive for their 3:30 appointment this week when a gaggle of middle-aged sight-seers stopped to take photos at the neighboring storefront, the former Orchids of Asia Day Spa.Until Feb. 22, Orchids of Asia was a little- [

    The Palm Beach Post
  • Now any business can access the same type of AI that powered AlphaGo

    A startup called CogitAI has developed a platform that lets companies use reinforcement learning, the technique that gave AlphaGo mastery of the board game Go.

    MIT Technology Review
  • Microsoft Rolls Out Free AI Courses Geared Toward Business Leaders

    Microsoft is releasing a new set of artificial intelligence courses geared toward business leaders. The free instructional videos and case studies focus on the less technical aspects of the technology as it applies to top execs attempting to integrate AI, including strategy, company culture and ethical responsibilities, into their operations. They're the latest in a