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  • None too soon, US readies to combat Beijing's South China Sea aggression

    US Coast Guard ships have joined the Navy in the 'gray zone' waters to assist in confronting China's increasingly malign maritime activities.

  • Philippine President Duterte threatens to send troops on a 'suicide mission' in South China Sea

    Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte lashed out at Chinese manoeuvres in the South China Sea close to Manila's Pag-asa island, telling Beijing 'things would be different' if they touched the disputed territory.

    Mail Online
  • The Real Problem with China's South China Sea Bases

    Robert Farley Security, China has built some islands in the South China Sea. But can it protect them? The islands of the SCS have some military relevance, but are more important as a political claim to waterways and undersea resources. Militarily, they represent a thin crust on China’s A2/AD system. Under certain conditions this crust could disrupt U.S. freedom of action, but it won’t be hard for the United States’ Air Force and Navy to punch through. China has built some islands in the South...

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