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  • The Soviet Union Can Tell Us How China Will Respond In The South China Sea

    Lyle J. Goldstein Security, Asia Let's hope it doesn't come to war. Key point (This article appeared several years ago and is being reposted due to reader interest): It would be a mistake to assume that the Chinese will certainly mimic Soviet responses to American FoN operations. The “sail by” of USS Lassen within the 12 nautical mile claim line of the new Chinese facilities on Subi reef in the South China Sea occurred without major incident last week. Despite some fiery Chinese rhetoric, war...

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  • This Is How The Philippines Will Help America Patrol The South China Sea

    Michael Peck Security, Asia By buying P-3 surveillance planes. Key point: The Philippines currently has a limited maritime patrol capability. In a move that won’t please China, the Philippines is planning to acquire U.S. P-3 long-range maritime patrol planes. “It will be good if we acquire even one P-3 Orion,” said Department of National Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana. “Provided it has all its original equipment. Otherwise it will just be another transport plane. We will find out if we can...

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  • What China Wants in the South China Sea

    James Goldrick Security, Asia Inside Beijing's strategy. In many ways, the American label of ‘great wall of sand’ that was applied to the artificial islands in the South China Sea encapsulates a key element of Chinese thinking. The same desire to protect China from external threats that produced the terrestrial Great Wall has been extended into the South China Sea. It’s significant that a Chinese senior officer once expressed surprise at the American label of ‘anti-access/area denial’ for...

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  • Philippines is 'the lead in the South China Sea disputes,' Locsin claims

    "[W]e stand up to China in the things that matter without fail and are acknowledged by Vietnam as the lead in the South China Sea disputes," Locsin wrote on his Twitter account.  by Franco Luna
  • China Is Deploying Airships in the South China Sea

    Michael Peck Security, Asia An Israeli satellite imagery company has posted a photo of an aerostat – a tethered balloon – floating over a Chinese island-base in the disputed region. China is deploying airships in the South China Sea. An Israeli satellite imagery company has posted a photo of an aerostat – a tethered balloon – floating over a Chinese island-base in the disputed region. “For the first time, #China's aerostat, probably for #military #intelligence-gathering purposes, seen by #ISI...

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  • Missile Race: Does America or China Dominate the South China Sea?

    David Axe Security, Asia Here's how they compare. Key point: In an actual war, both Washington and Beijing would employ their conventional missile arsenals to sink each other's ships. The Chinese military lobbed anti-ship ballistic missiles into the South China Sea in tests in early July 2019. The missile trials underscored Beijing’s increasing militarization of resource-rich waters on which several countries have conflicting claims. “The Chinese carried out the first test over the weekend,...

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  • Are China's 'Unsinkable Aircraft Carriers' in the South China Sea In Trouble?

    David Axe Security, “Rumors suggest the new islands’ concrete is crumbling and their foundations turning to sponge in a hostile climate. And that is before considering what a direct hit from a super-typhoon might do.” China’s island outposts in the China Seas might have a major weakness. Since 2013 the Chinese government has dredged and mostly destroyed ecologically delicate reefs in disputed waters in order to build seven major military bases complete with ports, airstrips and radar and...

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