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  • Is This A Turning Point In Libya's Civil War?

    Authored by Nick Cunningham via, Libya’s civil war has taken a catastrophic turn, plunging the country even deeper into crisis

    Zero Hedge
  • A War with Iran Would Wreck the American Energy Market

    Connor Sutherland Security, Middle East The Trump administration needs to do some serious soul-searching as it relates to how it thinks about energy as a whole. Reading Ilan Goldenberg recently described for Foreign Affairs what a war with Iran would look like. His analysis was informative, vivid and harrowing. But while his attention was focused primarily on the Middle Eastern theatre, I was wondering how such a skirmish would play out here in the United States. Specifically, how it would...

    The National Interest
  • Here's What Reconstruction After the Wakandan Civil War Would Have Looked Like

    The Angry Staff Officer Politics, Africa Picking up the pieces. While the country itself was not substantially damaged, its institutions and security forces were badly divided. A comprehensive, cross-sectoral effort addressing these concerns was required to ensure stability. In 2016, there was a coup d’état in Wakanda. Using a combination of foreign training and racialist rhetoric, Erik Stevens overthrew the T’Challa administration. Although his regime was destroyed a few days later by...

    The National Interest
  • Learn Of America’s Coming Civil War

    OathKeepers' Stewart Rhodes reveals what could be in America's future.