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  • Iran claims to have international support against the Iran nuclear deal, it does not

    The U.S. claimed to have support from China, which said "that the 'maximum pressure' exerted by the U.S. is the root cause of the recent crisis" with Iran.

  • Iran says it broke CIA spy ring, busting 17 spies; U.S. denies claim

    Iran claims to have arrested 17 Iranian nationals who were acting as spies for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, a claim President Trump strongly denied Monday morning. The U.S. adversary said the alleged spies, some of whom have reportedly been sentenced to death, worked as contractors or
  • Iran claims to have arrested 17 CIA spies

    Tehran says some of the Iranians allegedly spying for US have been sentenced to death Seventeen Iranian nationals allegedly recruited by the CIA to spy on Iran’s nuclear and military sites have been arrested, Tehran said on Monday, adding that some of them had already been sentenced to death. The arrests took place over the past months and those taken into custody worked on “sensitive sites” in the country’s military and nuclear facilities, an Iranian intelligence official told a press...

    the Guardian