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  • It's Donald Trump's America, We Just Live in It. Or Is It?

    Tomorrow's "Salute To America" seemingly lays bare a fact that many of us have been struggling to avoid since January 2017: It's Donald Trump's world, we just live in it. In many things, it seems as if the president always eventually gets his way—or some reasonable facsimile of it. How you feel about that will depend on whether you're a MAGA-loving deplorable, a member of The Resistance, or a conscientious objector from The War To Politicize Everything (the fight over Nike's Betsy Ross sneakers...
  • Trump Extends National Emergency Declaration for Transnational Criminal Organizations

    President Donald Trump announced Monday that he is extending the national emergency declaration with respect to transnational criminal organizations, which went into effect in 2011.

    CNS News
  • How to fix a big problem with the Trump-radical Republican tax law

    The American people got a highly misleading June 24 report from Congressional staff about the effect of repealing Donald Trump’s $10,000 limit on state and local tax deductions, known as SALT. Millionaires and billionaires get most of the benefits if the limitation is repealed, the Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation reported. Duh. Our major news [
  • WATCH LIVE: President Trump addresses nation in ‘Salute to America’

    President Donald Trump delivered his “Salute to America” speech at the Lincoln Memorial on the Fourth of July. See video.